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Web Design and Content Management

Welcome to chrisjcallahan.com.  I develop websites for individuals and institutions looking to bring their online presence to a new level.  I power each website I create with open source content management software, giving my clients the ability to stay in full control of their websites' content and direction.  Being able to freely edit and add site elements at any time gives you the ability to communicate at a higher level.  To learn more about the sites I build and the services I can offer you click here >>



Aggregator that organizes the daily deal coupon industry. More »


News, review and community site publishing firearms content. More »


Blog creation and search engine optimization management. More »

New In Chicago

A food blog documening what's new on the Chicago food scene. More »

Bear Ventures

Informational site for a New York City venture capital firm. More »

Talent Acquistion

The contingency mid level search division of Reilly Partners. More »